55 Rose Records is more than just a label – it’s a live session sanctuary where music and artistry come to life. We host and collaborate with artists, even those aligned with other labels, in an atmosphere of raw authenticity. We’re not just about producing tracks; we’re about capturing moments. While artist development, marketing, and merchandising fall under our umbrella, it’s the artist who stands in the spotlight. At 55 Rose, music doesn’t just exist – it thrives. And artists don’t just join – they grow and evolve. Together, we’re challenging conventions, redrawing boundaries, and setting the stage for the future of music. At 55 Rose, we craft musical journeys hand in hand with our artists.

Creativity needs
comfort to thrive

55 Rose Records Studio is more than a hub of the best in class musical equipment. It’s an intimate sanctuary in Irvine, California, where inspiration meets legacy, just moments away from the calming shores yet distanced from the LA hustle. Rooted deep in the rich musical heritage of Orange County, every corner resonates with the echoes of legends past. Powered by a dedicated team, our singular mission is to ignite the musical journeys of our artists and amplify their creative essence.

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